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AWB Youth Community Theater

Volunteer Page

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How to Register to Become a AWB Volunteer

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Clerance Links

Please use the links below to receive clearances. Clearances are free for volunteer.

Step 3

Submit Clerances

Program Calender

Module 1 Training

Feb 10 - March 2, 2024

Module 2 Auditions/Rehearsals

March 9, 2024 - June 22, 2024

Module 3 Tech Week/Performances

June 25 - June 29

Registering to Volunteer

You can register for one module, one day, or just one day of performance.

However, you decided to support our youth we want to say THANK YOUI!

Module 1 Training

Sign Up Today

Module 2 Auditions/Rehearsal

Sign Up Opens Feb 17, 2024

Module 3 Performances

Sign Up Opens March 9, 2024