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The Wiz Reimagined
Journey in oz
AWB Orginal Production

Embark on an adventure in the world of Oz with “Journey in Oz,' a youthful production that offers a fresh interpretation of the timeless classic 'The Wiz.' Follow Dorothy and her faithful best friend Otto (Toto) as they enter the enchanting world of Oz.

This re-envisioned one-hour youth performance combines beloved tunes from the original movie with the addition of captivating new songs.

Get ready to be thrilled and immersed in this exciting experience!

AWB Youth Community Theatre firmly believes in providing quality performing arts programs to all young individuals in West and Southwest Philadelphia.

Our foundation rests on the principle that every youth is entitled to access these enriching opportunities. Our programming is structured upon our three core pillars.







Our comprehensive program is dedicated to empowering youth to reach their full potential through the transformative power of performing arts disciplines. We are committed to fostering an inclusive and supportive community where all participants feel welcome and valued. Through high-quality training and resources, we will help participants develop their performing arts skills, bolstered by mentorship and guidance from experienced professionals. Yearly performances will provide opportunities for them to showcase their talents and boost their self-confidence. A

additionally, we will engage with the local community and collaborate with organizations to expand our reach and create a strong support network. In tandem with performing arts training, personal development workshops will focus on communication skills, emotional intelligence, and personal growth.

COmmunity Theatre program Overview

Open Auditions

Saturday January 6, 2023

Journey in Oz auditions are open to all youth in Philadelphia between the ages of 6 -15 years of age.

All experience levels are welcome to audition for the many diverse roles needed in the cast.

During sign-ups, participants can choose to audition for either an ensemble role or a lead role.

Auditions will be held in depending on the discipline.






Lead Role



participate in dance audition on June 11, 2023

choose on of the monologues provided

30 second piece of song

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Audition Sign Ups

Audition Sign Ups will open November 30, 2023

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Program and Rehearsals

January 2024 - June 2024

Journey in Oz rehearsals will be a unique blend of traditional rehearsal practices infused with specialized classes in acting, drama, and vocal arts. Rehearsals are scheduled to occur on one Saturday.

To ensure everyone is well-informed and prepared, all cast members will receive a monthly calendar outlining the specific dates and times for rehearsals and classes. This comprehensive approach aims to provide a well-rounded and enriching experience for all participants throughout program.

Registration is open! 40 spots open