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Youth Community Theatre Program

Welcome to an exciting journey of creativity, expression, and collaboration through our Youth Community Theatre. A Nine-Month Program designed for young individuals aged 6 to 17, this comprehensive program immerses participants in a dynamic blend of classes, workshops, and hands-on experiences, culminating in the exhilarating presentation of a full-scale production.

Our program offers a diverse curriculum encompassing acting, voice, movement, improvisation, stagecraft, and more, providing participants with a comprehensive foundation in theatre arts that nurtures their talents and refines their skills. Classes are thoughtfully tailored to different age groups, fostering a supportive learning environment where each participant receives age-appropriate instruction aligned with their developmental stage. Encouraging creative exploration, our program inspires youth to push artistic boundaries, collaborate with peers, and uncover their distinctive artistic voices through interactive activities and projects. Emphasizing self-confidence and self-expression, participants gain effective communication skills and the ability to present themselves confidently on and off the stage. With a focus on teamwork and collaboration, the program underscores the significance of valuing contributions from each team member and cultivating the collaborative spirit essential to creating outstanding productions. Seasoned instructors and mentors, deeply rooted in theatre arts, provide personalized guidance and mentorship, sharing insights, knowledge, and a shared passion for the performing arts that fosters the growth of young talents.

Our Professional Training in Creative Curriculum and Training Workshops offer an enriching and comprehensive learning experience designed to empower educators, caregivers, and professionals in the field of performing arts for youth. Through these engaging and dynamic programs, participants will delve into the innovative realm of creative curriculum development and gain invaluable insights into effective teaching methodologies.

Director Nina Kenney-McCrae offers expert guidance in developing a youth-focused performing arts curriculum that thrives on community involvement, fosters creativity, and cultivates confidence. With personalized consultations and tailored training sessions, Nina provides invaluable expertise to help your arts organization implement best practices and elevate its artistic endeavors.

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