Church of Christian Compassion

3:00 Pm

Arts without Boundaries Youth Community Theatre

In partnership with COmpassion CDC








flock of birds illustration
Flock of Birds Illustration
lion head silhouette
black grass
black grass
black grass
black grass

Musical Numbers

Circle of Life

Grassland Chant



Just Wana Dance


Irregular dotted line
Irregular dotted line


The Lioness Hunt

Irregular dotted line

Just Wanna Dance School

Sarabi, Sarine, Sarabi, Lionesses

Lioness Lair

Paw Print Illustration
Irregular dotted line

I Just cant wait to be king

Irregular dotted line

Young Simba, Young Nala, ZazuCast

Be Prepared

Irregular dotted line

Scar, Hyenas

They Live in You

Irregular dotted line

The Stampede

Irregular dotted line

Mufasa, Cast

Leaders & Legends Performing Arts Academy

The Mourning

Irregular dotted line

Hakuna Matata

Part 1

Irregular dotted line

Cast,Just Wanna Dance School

Young Simba, Timon, Pumba Cast

Hakuna Matata

Part 2

Irregular dotted line

Adult Simba, Timon, Pumba, Cast


Irregular dotted line

Rafiki, Adult Nala, Cast

Can you feel the love tonight

Irregular dotted line

Adult Nala, Adult Simba, Timon, Pumba

He Lives in You

Irregular dotted line

Rafiki, Mufasa,Adult Simba, Cast



Just Wanna Dance School

Leaders & Legends performing Arts Academy

Irregular dotted line


Carter Kree


Keshawn White


Sky Collins

Young Nala

Aubrey Pearson


Sanchez Moore


Nikayla Baker


London Hinton


Ryan Archer


Breyelle Duncan


Elise Doucoure


Edward McCrae

Young Simba

Sky Collins


Alanna Bynes


Isabella Ponton

Adult Nala

London Paul


Joshua Quarles

Adult Simba

Alaina Jarwood


Amber Jarwood


Kourtney Moore


Yania Strawberry


Dance Performances by:

Just Wana Danz

Soleil Hardy-Moore

Dakota Riley

Kindall Lanier

Siyana Gant

Samya Heard

Hailey Randolph

Laiyani Velezquez

Kennedy Coates

Aubrey Coates

Avalon Bobb

Just Wanna Danz

Director and Choreographer

Leaders & Legends

Performing Arts Academy

Xian Edwards, Aniya Georges, Jayla Ford,

Logan Outterbridge, Saniya Spruell, Maya Wiggins

Choreographer: Kareem B.Goodwin

Owner: Tiffany Hill

Director: Janine Ricks

Staff Volunteers

Nina Kenney McCrae


Arts without Boundaries Youth Community Theatre

Kirnita Hinton


Rebecca Nicolas

Vocal Coach

Lydia Azondekon

Acting Coach

Terrilyn Donell

Executive Director of Community of Compassion CDC Inc.

Markeeda McClean Executive Assistant - Community of Compassion CDC Inc.

Tiffany Tull


Program Coordinator



Acting Coach


Nicole Kenney


Coordinator Volunteer

Tamar Wiggins




Delores T




Media Team

Kris : Lighting

Troy : Sound

Ed McCrae : Music

MC for the Production

Brandon McLean

Day of Show Volunteers

Kamille Lawson

Dawana Holmes

Deborah Roebuck

Rozelle Kenney

Natalie Kenney

Charles Strawberry

Gina Davis

Special Thank Yous

To Pastor Lonnie W Herndon and Lady Kim, thank you for creating spaces in the community where programs like our Youth Theatre can exist. We appreciate you saying "Yes" to our program and allowing a space our youth can grow creativity and create a community of acceptance, grow creatively, and shine brightly. Thank You for your YES.

To the AWB teachers, Rebecca, Lydia and Kirnita, my gratitude is beyond what words can even express. You committed to this program when it was a simple thought and have supported the process with your time, talent and support of every cast member,.. Thank you for helping set the standard for the program and the organization.

To Pastor Terri and Markeeda, thank you for all of your hard work and assistance with making sure the youth had EVERYTHING they needed during the program. Thank you for making sure the staff and volunteers also felt welcome. We appreciate you so much and could not have asked for a better partnership.

To the program volunteers, Delores, Tamar, Karima., Briahna, Tiffany, thank you for showing up every week and being present to help with anything that was needed. Thank you for always entering the space smiling and supporting our cast from signing them in to rehearsing and sitting with them at lunch. Without you this would not have been possible. I am grateful for your servants heart.

To the parents of the cast, thank you for allowing our organization to be a part of your child's creative journey. THroughout the process, you have been consistent and shown that it definitely take the support of awesome parents to make a program work. Thank YOU!

To the day of show volunteers, Thank you for committing to assisting with a program on one of the busiest days for an arts program...SHOW DAY! Your willingness to pitch in wherever help was needed is so appreciated. Thank You!

To my husband, Ed McCrae, you have been my biggest cheerleader and advocate for starting Arts without Boundaries. Without your continuous prayers and support all of this could not be possible! Thank you for making sure my dreams and purpose never fall out of view! I love you so very much

To my parents, sisters, and aunt. You all have been there since I was 7 walking into my first day of class at Freedom Theatre. and exiting my last day at Berklee and transitioning into building arts programming. Thank you for your support and for always being present to assist with anything needed at all times!

I love you so much!


Thank you to the partners and donors who contributed to making this program possible.

We are grateful for your partnership and contributions.

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